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Firm Overview

Stephen Barker Law - Vision Mission and Culture


Stephen Barker Law is a most respected, authoritative, and results-achieving insurance subrogation and litigation firm in South Florida.


To fulfill the role of a professional colleague, knowledgeable resource, and ruthlessly efficient advocate for clients in need of Florida subrogation and litigation expertise. To remain responsive to our client needs in providing fast and accurate service, taking tremendous pride in our encyclopedic knowledge of legal issues impacting subrogation matters. To save clients time by knowing the answers to their questions, and being well prepared for any additional issues that may arise based upon the chosen path. To remain two steps ahead of what needs to be done, allowing us to deliver forward-thinking legal service in a timely, efficient client-friendly manner.


Bold – Ready, willing, and able to take precise, direct actions to meet the client’s needs.

Authoritative – Possessing expertise of subrogation theories and substantive law.

Responsive – Accessible to talk, able to listen.

Knowledgeable - Legal tools and techniques to succeed.

Excellence – Consistency in process and outcomes that you can count on.

Results – Satisfaction of client unique needs.

Leadership – Assertive, proactive case handling.

Attitude – Positive, open, respectful, open-minded.

Winning – Bottom line, maximizing recovery, achieving results.